La grande hésitation, The big hesitation LBD part II

12 h 59

Tout d'abord, je vous remercie des excellentes suggestions que vous m'avez formulée. Birgitte a eu un excellent commentaire sur les robes bustiers qui nous donnent des airs de fraîchement sorties de la douche lorsque nous sommes derrière le lutrin. Un look à éviter selon moi. J'ai donc mis de coté les robes sans bretelles. Miaa avait proposé le patron Vogue 1076, que j'adore. Ce patron est d'ailleur déjà planifier pour cet été. Toutefois, l'absence de brettelles le déclassait.

First of all, I would like to thank you for those wonderful suggestions of dresses.
Birgitte had this excellent reflexion on strapless dresses and looking freshly out of the shower while thanking the académie or any person to be thanked. I had never thought of that. I then put aside all strapless dresses or top like Vogue 1076 suggested by Miaa. That will not prevent me from sewing this top this summer. I am totaly in love with that pattern.

Après avoir réfléchi au public (membres de la communauté universitaire), aux possibilités de remettre la robe et au temps qu'il me reste, j'ai retenu deux suggestions:

After thinking about the public present that night (university member including students... who are often more chic then us), the possibilities to wear the dress again and the time left to sew it, I am down with two patterns:

VOGUE 1108 (without the front bow, I am too shy to wear a bow)


Quel choix difficile. Le Vogue 1108 indique un "foundation with boning". Humm ai-je le temps pour ça? Je peux toutefois omettre le soutien avec baleine et porter un soutien gorge sans bretelle. J'adore les plis sur le coté. Le Go Pattern est magnifique aussi. Simple et chic. Ciel quelle décision !

What a difficult choice. The Vogue 1108 had a foundation with boning that gives me doubts on the amount of time required to construct it. In return, I love the side pleats so much. The Go Pattern has this simple chic. Again, what a difficult choice !


Je vous dirai ce que j'ai choisi. Je crois que d'avoir les patrons en main m'aidera.

Voici les autres excellentes suggestions. Here the other excellent suggestions

Un rétro chic et un rétro sexy

J'adore le haut avec pantalon, très choc...

Quel dos ...

Une robe de tricot parfaite...

Très "simple chic" des années 1980...

Hollywood style des années 1930 je crois...

J'adore le jeux du mat et du lustré. J'ai cette robe en bordeau.

Funny thing, on those eight patterns, I have four at home and already sewn Vogue 1014 for a wedding.

Thank you again !

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10 commentaires

  1. I love the Butterick 6582 (Black dress view). I bought this pattern for that dress :) but whatever one you choose will be perfect.

  2. But isn't the bow the whole point of the Vogue pattern? I'm partial to the other ... Go, Go, Go!

  3. Anne, have you ever heard of Helen Metrakos?
    I was thinking of buying her book and just wondered if you know
    of her :)

  4. Kay, I know, you are right about the bow. But, I am too, too shy to wear such a big bow. I love the side pleat. I think they are also a high point on that dress. Are you sure I could not take off the bow :-( DH prefers the Go Pattern and he is asking for a very close fitted dress ;-) Why am I not surprised. I will take off the pockets and put a piping in the princess seam in the top and skirt.

    Ann, I do not have Helen Metrakos' book. I just made a search on her. Ho, she is in Montreal. I will try to find out more about her. Thank you for the suggestion.

  5. Sorry, I meant to include her site.
    I've been checking her site for quite some time and it appears she is no longer giving classes, but still has patterns/products for sale.

    I like the idea of her patterns.
    ( I would have liked to have taken classes from her but it's kind of hard from New Brunswick.)
    Have a great day.

  6. Anne,

    I love the green dress! Perfect! This is a kind of dress that I suggest you (I call wrapped but I think that draped is the correct word...or both?!)

  7. Mmm, you say you are too shy for the bow, yet you would wear Vogue 1076? I would be too shy for that one! lol. How about a smaller bow (if that is possible with the pattern). I think 1108 is more special than the Go Patterns dress.

  8. Bonjour Vicky,

    I understand your comment. My shyness does not come from having naked shoulders but from wearing busy clothes. I know this is funny. Being only 5'5'', I am often afraid of looking like a stumpy Christmas tree. ;-) I guess it is link to my education.

  9. Moi, j'adore le Go. "Simple et chic."

  10. Hola Anne!!
    I like all the proposed designs, I have arrived late,sorry, but I like the pattern with the pants, very modern and young, and the last pattern, with touches of gloss and matt has to be great.
    You've already chosen one? Which?


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